Blackberries, Baking and You!

On Sunday August 6, we hosted our first special event, at the farm.  We were so lucky to have Chef Anne Kearney, and Pastry Chef Jamie Bondurant, of Rue Dumaine restaurant co-host this event with us.  It was a beautiful day, and we are so grateful that we were able to host this event.  We are already busy planning to host future events, similar to this, that help us to showcase the many different seasonal items that we produce on the farm.

As our guests arrived, they were able to relax with a glass of blackberry lemonade, browse the fresh picked produce at our market table and get settled in our summer kitchen.  

From there, Chef Anne and Jamie took over for an instructional lesson on how to prepare Jamie's fresh blackberry buckle.  Jamie led us through the recipe step-by-step so our guests could recreate this wonderful dessert at home.  All of our guests went home with the recipe, as well as blackberries fresh picked that morning.

After Jamie's instructional class, our guests took a walking tour of the farm with Sue.  They also had a mini lesson in the technique for picking the perfect berry.  *Hint* It involves looking carefully at every berry we pick.

If you've ever had a blackberry that was not quite ripe, you know that it just doesn't taste as good as a berry at peak ripeness.  At Brickel Creek, we take the time to carefully inspect each berry for the perfect ripeness before it is packaged and shipped off to our consumers, usually the same day it was picked.  This means when you buy our blackberries you know you will be getting the absolute best quality every time.  

Overall, we were thrilled by the interest and participation in our event.  We loved having everyone out to the farm.  We can't wait to open up our farm for more events like this, in the future.  

We would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all of the wonderful people who attended this event, and the others who helped us make this event possible.  Thank you Chef Anne Kearney and Rue Dumaine, thank you Jamie Bondurant for showing us the steps behind your delicious creation, and thanks to  all of you for supporting our farm!