Weekly Harvest

Last week, we began the process of clearing out this season's old blackberry canes from the moveable trellis in order to make room for next season's to grow and winter over.  After a long, hot six weeks of harvesting record amounts of blackberries, it was a good feeling to clear out the old and make room for the new.  Also, a little bittersweet as we found the last few lingering berries.  

One of the great things about experiencing the season's at the farm is that while one crop may be fading and on its way out, another crop is sprouting, another is flourishing and another is peaking.  The blackberries are gone, and the old canes removed, and the sweet corn has all been harvested.  Our acorn squash is ready to be picked, and we are beginning to plan for holiday herb orders.

Our summer crops may be on their way out, but we are readily preparing for our fall and winter production, and anxiously awaiting cooler weather and with it the return of frost sweetened greens!

Weekly Harvest

  • sweet corn
  • lettuce
  • basil
  • cilantro
  • dill
  • rosemary 
  • sage
  • thyme
  • pea shoots
  • acorn squash
  • lavender

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